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About PIN/Password

Your Library PIN/Password can be 4 to 30 alphanumeric characters without dashes or spaces. If there was no PIN/Password in your record, the system will accept the number you just keyed as your PIN/Password, and you will be asked to enter it again as verification. For security purposes, instead of seeing the actual numbers on the screen, the user will see asterisks or bullets displayed as the new PIN/Password is entered.

How to Change Your PIN/Password

1. Log In to your Library record
2. Click the Modify Your PIN/Password button

Forgot your PIN/Password?

There are five ways we can help if you've forgotten your PIN/Password:

1. Please enter your Library Card number below. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your PIN/Password.

Important: you must have a valid email address in your Library Record to use this form.

Library card number:    

2. If you're in the Library, staff at any service desk will reset it. To safeguard your security, staff will need your address, birth date and your library card or a current picture ID

3. Call 415-557-4400 for help

4. Email for help

5. Online with the SFPL Text & Chat service.